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Student Technology Devices Owned

Eduventures  releases a survey of 18-24 year olds enrolled full time at a four year college or university that shows their ownership of various technology devices.   Very interesting food for thought, and higher numbers than I expected in nearly all categories.


Update on Intel & Qwaq collaboration

An audio slideshow has been posted of Justin Rattner’s keynote at the Intel Developer Forum discussing the future of the 3D internet and virtual worlds:

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UCit Instructional & Research Computing featured on

Don Rainwater, manager of Academic Technology Services, was featured in the “Profiles in Success” section of Apple’s site for his use of Xsan Apple storage to run UCFileSpace, the campus web server for faculty, students, and staff.

“Rainwater’s team supports eight computer labs scattered around the campus, which contain a mix of 325 Macs and PCs. Students also access UC’s online storage system — called UCFileSpace — from a mix of personal desktop and notebook computers on campus, and remotely via VPN (virtual private network) with a front-end tool built with 37Signals’ Ruby on Rails development framework. Once they’re connected to UCFileSpace, students can store any general-purpose content, including research papers, multimedia files, and other data.”

UCFileSpace is used to host all of the podcasts uploaded in classrooms or through Blackboard for the UCit Podcasting Project and also hosts QuickTime videos for use on the UC Second Life Learning Community island, so kudos to Don for the recognition of this great service for UC!