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A Vision of Students Today

This video has been making the Twitter rounds, good stuff:

As a former student not too long ago, I can’t disagree with most of it, though I still think the 8 books a year average is very depressing.


The Participation Ladder

Market research company Forrester recently released a report entitled Social Technographics that looks at the US population’s participation in the so-called “social media” phenomenon.  To purchase the full report, see the link at their site, but there’s an interesting graphic to put virtual worlds participation into a certain context (note that virtual worlds is not one of the listed activities):


Activity in the Participation Ladder


What I’d really like to see is a breakdown of age groups in each category as well as details about student and occupation demographic data, but this suggests to me that at the moment, content creators in virtual worlds are likely an even smaller subset of Creators at the top of the ladder, and the majority of other participants in virtual worlds fit somewhere else between Joiners and Critics. 

But fully half the US population is not engaged in social media activity at all, according to this report, and that is something that will certainly change with time.